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How to Make Your Website SEO Friendly..


When it comes to trying to start an online business, or improve an offline business with a website, content is king, and SEO is the queen. They both go hand in hand and are extremely important to having your website rank naturally. There are a lot of things you need to do, however, to make your job easier in the future. Many businesses require some input financially with professional SEO campaigners to speed the process up, but using some tried and trusted methods, you can cut down on cuts and make your website much more friendly with Search Engines. Here are some ideals that you should impose on all of your websites to help them rank with the Search Engines easier. The more you can do at the expense of your time will save you money in the future, so make sure to use these methods as much as you can;

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1 Heading Tags. H1 and H2 primarily – are one of your main sources of providing the search engines with your keywords that you will ideally want to be ranked for. As a heading usually comes before the description, it is assigned more value than most other text on the basis it is supposed to sum up the text or image within the page.

2 Sitemaps. Sitemaps are very important to building a strong web of backlinks through your website. It contains a hyperlink to every page on your website. Not only does it make finding specific pages on your website easier for users, but it increases the amount of links to your website, which is a big part of SEO.

3 Meta Tags. One of the old techniques and still very important to the success of a webpage in regards to SEO, meta tags are one of the first parts of a website you should set up. You want a Meta title, description and meta keywords, which is going to really help your website be understood – if your content matches the same niche as your meta tags.

4 Match your content. It’s important that your content shines through, not your images. A search engine cannot read an image – just the name and tags given to the image – so your content not only has to reflect the tags of the image, but also be relevant and most importantly unique. Websites are punished severely for duplicate content, so make sure all of your writing is unique and matches the images around it in terms of wording.

5 Good navigation. Make it easy for your readers to find relevant pages within your website and at the same time easier for the search engine spiders to crawl through pages.

6 Keyword Rich URLs. Your url is one of the first piece of information the spiders interpret. Take advantage of this by having keyword-rich urls.


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