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SEO Basic Tips

These tips cover some basic SEO that may help you out if you are new to all this. They are very basic but maybe helpful if you are just starting out.

Six SEO tips that I want to share to you.

Site Navigation
Site Navigation is the menu on top each website and it’s important in web design thus you need to have good site navigation, it helps visitors to find information on your website

Choosing Keywords
Before buiding a new website your need to consider keywords in your niche, Google keywords research tool is a best App to do that. you can find it here:

Site Links
Internal links in your website are important at this time, don’t get more low backlinks, instead of, you should build a internal system link on your site. it’s best way to get high rankings.

Updating Content
Update your website content weekly or even daily. Google like fresh content and google robot will visit your site daily if you have new content for each day.

Webmaster tools
Using Google webmaster tool or Bing WMT, it’s will help you improve your SEO offpage site better.

Keep Updated
Always update your content and someday your site will be on top google or other search engines. Hope you have success!

what about you ? what is your SEO tips for 2013 ? waiting for your s


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