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Playstation teardown courtesy of ifixit..

The good folks at iFixit have unleashed their screwdrivers once more and gone to work on the PS4, revealing that the inside of the console is, well, quite neat and tidy.
With the innards spilled, there doesn’t seem to many major surprises but reassuringly it’s been revealed you can easily change the hard drive for a more capacious one if you so wish.

According to iFixit, the only thing between you and a bigger drive or an SSD replacement is “a plastic cover and some screws”. Pffft. Easy, not that we would recommend opening up your shiny new PS4 – given that iFixit have had to take off a number of ‘void if removed’ stickers in their teardown.

If you did though you would find that the PS4′s hard drive is made by Western Digital and is a 5400 RPM, 500 GB, SATA II drive. It is also a standard 2.5 inches, so any off-the-shelf drive will be a fine replacement and eases the pain of Sony not allowing external storage.
Taming of the screwdriver

Another major mention in the teardown is the HDMI port. In its piece, iFixit mentions that Kotaku is reporting that there have been some issues with PS4 ports not playing back video properly because of “a piece of metal in the system”.

It doesn’t actually suggest that there is a problem with their unit, though, and Sony has confirmed that this problem does seem to isolated.
If you want to see what’s inside the PS4 and don’t want to instantly ruin the warranty on your shiny new console then head over to iFixit to see the PlayStation in all of its naked glory.

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