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Free Webmaster Resources – March 2013

Continuing with our commitment to provide our readers with Free Webmaster Resources announced in Feb 2013, TutFreak brings you the next set of resources for the month of March 2013.

Our first resource is Zpanel. Zpanel is a free alternative to cPanel, it is pretty safe and has host of features along with support from developers.

Below are the features:

  • Completely Free
  • Very friendly GUI, better than cpanel in some cases
  • Full Developer Support
  • Lots of features
  • Compatible with Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac OS etc
  • Lightweight
  • Secure
  • Zantastico – Alternative of softaculous

Zpanel Download Link

Coded Sliding Tags of Thomas Bossée for WordPress

Everybody understands the importance of tags for SEO. We found a website which went ahead and coded the sliding tags created by Thomas Bossée for WordPress. These look neat and clean and have a sliding effect when hovered over.

Download Sliding Tags PLugin

Free Download Accelerator and Manager

It is a powerful, easy-to-use and absolutely free download accelerator and manager. Moreover, FDM is 100% safe, open-source software distributed under GPL license.

Download Link

ImgTrack – Image Multi-Hoster & Tracker

The primary aim of ImgTrack is to allow an user to upload an image to multiple hosts and rotate through the links until all are dead (if ever). It can be used simply as a multi-hoster or it can be used for the tracking/rotation purposes to keep your images alive.

Many of us have had images removed in the past due to various issues (bandwidth, terms/conditions, legalities, etc), this service will drastically reduce the probability of that causing problems/happening.

How does it work?

  • Upload an image
  • Select the imagehosts
  • Use resulting link
  • This link redirects to the first host
  • If the first host removes your image, the link detects this and redirects to the second host
  • This continues until there are no sources remaining

They are also coming out with API. This looks as a very promising idea to me.

Visit ImgTrack to start uploading your images to multiple hosts.

Please feel free to suggest any other free webmaster resources you may be using.

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