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Google Chrome ends Internet Explorer’s 23 years reign, becomes No.1 Broswer

According to StatCounter which tracks visits to millions of websites Google Chrome overtook IE on Sunday reaching 32.70% of browser market share compared to IE’s 32.48%.

Google Chrome has more home computer users and therefore has a higher usage rate at the weekends while IE has more work related users where employees have less choice in the browser they use. As a result IE regained it’s number one position on Monday. However the temporary loss of it’s number one status is significant.

Chrome becomes number one browser

While data tracking in the past hasn’t been that accurate it’s believed that IE overtook Netscape in the fourth quater of 1998, a position it has held since. This means this in the first time in over 23 years that IE lost it’s top position.

IE’s usage has being slowly declining while Google Chromes has being growing at a crazy rate. It’s expected that Chrome will pass IE on a regular basis in May or June of this year. Net Applications which is another tracker puts Chrome slightly further behind but shows a similar trend.

future growth of chrome

Above, you can see the predicted growth of Chrome.

One thing to be noted here will be that Microsoft has now woken up to this (better late than never) and it is believed that IE 10 will be a game changer in the browser market. It is expected to have some really great features which may bring back IE to the top position.

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