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Google Plans to Penalize SEO-Heavy Websites

A few days ago, it was revealed that Google would soon be altering their search engine technology to offer its users more direct answers to search inquires rather than just offer a list of relevant web site links. Now it looks like Google may be going after web sites that try, in their opinion, to make their sites look good for search engines rather than offer good content.

Search Engine Land reports that during a panel at this week’s South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas, Google’s Matt Cutts said that Google has nothing against SEO set-ups on web sites, saying that good SEO can actually more accessible and user friendly. At the same time, he did say, ” … absolutely there are some people who take it too far.”

By “too far”, Cutts means web sites that have too many keywords on a page, or exchange what Google feels is too many links on a site. Cutts says that Google has several engineers working on this issue right now. While he did say that Google normally doesn’t pre-announce things, he added that Google does plan to launch this new algorithm on their search systems in the next couple of months to “level the playing field” between sites with good content and sites that are designed simply to catch the attention of search engine.

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