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Google Chrome Launched on Android

Today, Google launched a Beta Version of the Google Chrome for it’s Android OS. Until now you could only get Google Chrome on your desktop, but Android which is the world’s most popular mobile OS is shipped with a different basic browser.

This default Android browser lacked a lot of features and the speed one would expect from Google, who usually pride themselves on speed. The new Android Version of Chrome solves this problem as it’s far faster and more advanced with features such as allowing you to sync your desktop browser to your mobile browser (similar to the FireFox mobile version). It has the super fast V8 javascript engine and support for other features like Web Workers and WebDB. A better layout and UI as well as pre loading webpages which start loading webpages in the background before you even click a link (wifi only but can be enabled for data) make it faster and easier to use which can also be found on the desktop version.

Go to Android Store for more details.

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