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Has Okik Closed it’s Doors???


We have been members of this site since 2014, previously it was paying every time, then over the last 3 months or so it stopped or was stopped from taking/sending payments from Paypal, the idea then was that you had to deposit $20 to receive $40 via Payza, Bitcoin, okpay etc..
Since then payments have been delayed and then deposited back into your balance, in the last couple of days we were told Paypal was back for depositing only for a few hours a day, sounding a bit fishy to you? Hmmmm we smell it too, today all payments were rejected then the site went into maintenance, now we have the strange message above, we have invested about $150 in this site, we probably have to chalk this one up as a failure cause this site is a gonna in our books.. R.I.P. Okik.me & our $ as well..

As an update the sister site of Okik, https://ptc1.net/ is still live and kicking, please excuse our cynical minds but we hope that PTC1 members are not getting fleeced this very moment being unaware of the collapse of Okik.me???
We hope this is just a massive missunderstanding and all will be back to normal but…



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  1. It has now turned into a scam, please invest your hard earned cash elsewhere because if you place money here be prepared to say goodbye to it.. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

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