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MegaUpload is Back?

Hours after the Federal prosecutors in Virginia shut down one of the world’s largest file-sharing sites, (Source), it seems that the file-hosting giant Megaupload is already on its verge of getting back online.

It looks like that Megaupload (popularly referred to as MU) is trying its best to get online, this time through an IP Address and not any domain though. Some reports claim that this is the official site of Megaupload and some say that this is fake and some money-minded marketers are trying to cash-in on the whole Megaupload drama.


So what is the link to access Megaupload? Well, before i reveal the link i must warn you that my Opear browser reported the site as fraudulent (see below). I did not get any such warning with Chrome or Mozilla though!


You can access the new megaupload site by visiting here.

I strongly advise that you excercise caution while you visit this link.

Feel free to post your thoughts on Megaupload trying to come back online.

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