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You can now waterproof your favourite gadgets using Liquipel

With the increasing usage of devices like smartphones and their increasing importance in daily life, people are starting to value them more and more. Users are trying to find ways to safeguard their devices from scratches, dust, water etc. Well, atleast now you can waterproof your smart devices.

There’s a revolutionary way that was just introduced at the 2012 CES called Liquipel that can virtually waterproof any valuable device you have.

Liquipel is an invisible coating that can be applied to any type of electronic device. This technology provides a coating that makes any device waterproof, even up to its interior parts.

The best part about this new product is that it does not leave any mark on your favourite gadgets, now isn’t that awesome? You won’t even notice that your device has been coated with Liquipel. Pour water on the device and it won’t get water damaged.

Price of Liquipel:
It costs only around US$69 to have your device given the Liquipel Treatment.

More features and details can be found on the Official Liquipel Website

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