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Build Your List Faster with Infographic Distribution..

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Build Your List Faster with Infographic Distribution

Infographics storm the internet. They’re everywhere. Especially in social media. Everybody looks crazy in love with this marketing strategy.

But how on earth can it help you promote your business? Many people who try this way end up very disappointed.

Let’s say you drop a truly gorgeous and useful infographic on Pinterest, rank it for competitive keywords within the platform, get a good number of re-pins, new inspired followers, even comments of admiration.

Well done, nice job. However, you may keep it rocking and shining there for ages with only just a few occasional hits back to your website now and then.

Such a bitter waste of time! Any other place to share it is not much better.

Wherever it goes viral, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, doesn’t matter, you may still observe poor traffic results at the bottom line. Even if you feel completely satisfied with your gain, that’s actually too far from what you really deserve.

You don’t decently benefit from the social noise your visual messages produce. All those organic likes, re-shares, ecstatic shout-outs by amazed viewers simply don’t come over to your bank account.

Because mostly they don’t care about your links in spite of well-written descriptions. There’s little to no impact in that text messed up with links and hash tags. It only makes your post a bit more discoverable but doesn’t convert eyeballs into leads.

They won’t leave their favorite networks so easy to check out your dull site. There’s no need to. You’ve already served value on a silver plate. They arrive to learn it and go away.

To profit from your infographic you must add a kick-ass offer at the bottom of its content. I recommend it should take approximately 10-30% of the canvas.

There’s a perfect space for your visual pitch and call to action below the visual story you’re sharing with interested audiences.

The majority don’t use this opportunity to promote their businesses. The only thing they have at the end is their website name.

The best offer to put here is your opt-in freebie. Your infographic can collect email sign-ups for you immediately right from anywhere it shows up, be it a Pinterest board, Google Images, Facebook groups, whatever.

How to set up this system?

Create an excellent infographic on a topic closely relevant to a PDF report or video you give away as an opt-in incentive.

Include a well-written attention-grabbing pitch for your report under the main content of your infographic. This can be a couple lines of text on a well-designed background with an ebook cover as a side image.

However, sky is the limit to your imagination and creativity. Work on it thoroughly and you’ll be sure to come up with something unique and awesome.

Now it’s the time for a call to action under the pitch. This is also when you tell them where exactly they get hold of your freebie.

In most cases your infographic itself may not link to your squeeze page. Hence, you’ve got to provide a short url and ask them to type it in their browsers.

It shouldn’t be one generated by a url shortener like as it looks ugly. You’d better order a very short domain name like,, whatever. It saves them time to reach you. They can’t copy-paste anything from a picture.

Tell them: ”Type the url below in the browser to claim your gift now” or something of the kind and place a tiny screenshot of your url typed in a browser. This will increase conversions significantly. Image 4

Set your short domain to redirect visitors to your custom opt-in page on your main website. This is how you can track the amount of traffic from your infographic distribution campaigns.

If you obtain multiple short domains you’ll be able to track success of specific campaigns. For Facebook – , for Google Images –, etc. Doesn’t matter com, org, net, ca, ua, ru, etc

When they arrive on your custom squeeze page, greet them with a warm welcoming video and title your sign-up form ”The Final Step is Left”.

As soon as they enter their names and email addresses and hit the button – take them to a page where you tell them their gift is sent to their in-box.

Don’t say ”confirm your email first”, it sounds like an extra step.

You can simply drop your gift on a confirmation page and modify the confirmation message set in your auto responder explaining they have to click ”confirm” to reach the download page.

Start your infographic distribution campaign. Don’t limit yourself to Pinterest only. Also, don’t limit yourself to only top social networks, use as much smaller sources as possible. There are thousands of places online to share your ”images” and get views.

Here’s the 8 step method to build your list with infographics. As you see visitors reach your gift in 2 steps instead of 1. It’s still OK! Others consider ”confirmation” as a step. They actually make it ”a step”.

Now FAQ:

Is it frowned upon as spamming if I include an offer in my infographic?

If you deliver decent value in your infographic it’s reasonably fair to take something in return as a reward. Even in this case you run a give away to provide more help to people. Also, make it neat and sweet, don’t let it look spammy. Of course there are some mental cases to troll you for that but you should care less.

Is it safe? Can I get reported or banned for that?

It depends on the community you submit your infographic to. You’ve got to be careful and read their rules attentively. For example it’s OK on Pinterest. There are users who even sell stuff with price tags right away and it’s not a violation. As to communities on Google+, some of them are ridiculously strict. They may ban you even if their moderator doesn’t like your hair style on your profile photo. Use places that allow enough freedom.

Can it decrease the number of re-shares and chances for my infographic to go viral?

Possibly. Though many people don’t mind if you promote a free offer in your infographic not intrusively. They might even like it. Anyway, why should you be so optimistic about your infographic going viral? Offer? No offer? In both cases there’s no guarantee it becomes popular. Are we gonna wait for a miracle or do some realistic things for our business? Even if it’s viral, the bottom line may look poor in comparison to non-viral infographic that advertises your opt-in incentive.

Can I avoid step 3 and just say ”see description for details” for example? ”Type in your browser” is repellent.

Try this approach if you like but for some reason it’s less effective. May be not in your case, who knows. Compare.

Can I sell my own or affiliate products and services this way?

Yes, but why? Build your list to sell to. If you like, set your short domain to redirect to your affiliate link, anyway.


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