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A Couple of Source’s for Images..

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Remember that old chestnut: ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’

Well, with web site design it can be very true. It often starts with
having a great header graphic, but you will often want to have a
sprinkling of appropriate images scattered throughout your site.
Images can really bring a page alive, and if you choose well they
add an extra professionalism that is hard to create with text alone.
So, where do you get great images from?
First of all let me tell you a couple of places that you should avoid
like the plague and then I’ll let you in on a couple of secrets
Here are the two places to avoid …
Google Images (most but not all images)
Other people’s web sites (pretty much all images)
The reason for this is that grabbing images from other people’s sites,
even Google images, tends to be illegal. It is copyright theft, plain
and simple, and I’m sure you don’t want to get into a fight with one
of those upstanding citizens who have chosen the legal profession as a
way of extracting money from people
But it’s not just illegal, is it? It’s unethical too. You want good
karma, right?
Okay, so if you can’t steal them from Google where can you get your
hands on some high quality photographs without having to empty your
wallet at the same time.
Let me give you a couple of resources worth checking out.


This is massive library of photographs that are free to use on your
web site as long as you link back to freefoto with a credit.
The quality of image varies from poor to absolutely superb, and the
categorisation isn’t perfect so you often have to do quite a bit of
hunting, but overall it is a resource that can be worth checking if
you’re after a one-off photo to use on your site.

Here’s the url:



This is an amazing resource. You can use these images without having
to open your wallet AND you don’t have to credit anyone.
You can edit them. Heck, you can do pretty much whatever you like with
them. The only thing you can’t do is to sell them as your own, which is
fair enough.
Let me give you an idea of the range available. I just did a search
for trains and was presented with two sub-categories; train-assorted
which included 1,231 photos, and train station which consisted of 364
photos. Not bad for free, is it?

And here’s the link:


So, next time someone tells you that you never get anything for free,
you can tell them about these two great resources
Happy designing..


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