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What is the best width for a web site?

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What is the best width for a website?
That’s a great question and one that I get asked frequently.
In days gone by, when monitors were much smaller, the question wasn’t
really as important as the upper limit was pretty much set by the
widest monitor in use, which for a long time was either 800 pixels or
1024 pixels. Now there are some VERY wide monitors so the question is
now incredibly relevant.

The answer very much depends on the type of site you are producing.

If it is a sales letter and you have no navigation on the left or
right hand side, then you need to be thinking of how long each line of
text is going to be. If the lines are too long it can be very
difficult for people to read as the eye struggles to move from line to

So, for sales letters I’d typically recommend a page width of 750
pixels, possibly slightly more, but do be careful.

If you’re creating a more content-rich site that has navigation menus
on the right or left then you’ll need a bit more screen real estate to
play around with, and this is doubly so if you have a navigation on
the left (for example) and some kind of advertising such as AdSense on
the right.

For this kind of site you should be looking at 900 pixels upwards, but
you’ll rarely want to go more than 1100 or 1200 pixels wide for a
couple of reasons.

Firstly, having a whole screen covered with content, even on a big
monitor, can be terribly distracting.

Secondly, some people still have smaller monitors that are 800 or 1024
pixels wide, and so if you design your page to be larger you will
cause them to have to scroll horizontally to view all of the content.

Pretty much every top site falls between 750 and 1000 pixels.

Twitter – 750 pixels wide
Craigslist – 820 pixels wide
eBay – 930 pixels wide
Bing – 950 pixels wide
ESPN – 950 pixels wide
BBC – 994 pixels wide
Yahoo – 994 pixels wide

The only one I could find that went the full width of any screen was

To sum up, the ideal size for headers is general 750 pixels for single
column sites such as sales letters or 950 pixels if it is a content
site with navigation menus on either the left or right.

So, if you’ve been scratching your head wondering what the ideal web
page width was I hope that the above has shed some light on the
Happy designing.

Credit to Paul Smithson for his Insights..


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