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Do You Buy Facebook and Twitter Followers to Seem More Popular or Not???

Facebook & Twitter??? TutFREAK

Getting new Twitter followers and people to like your Facebook page is still one of the biggest priorities for businesses and regardless of existing interaction, everyone wants more. Why? Because it looks good to others.

If you have thousands of Facebook Likes and Twitter followers you and your business must be doing well, and the bigger the social community the better your success.

But I believe this isn’t the case and I’ve been doing some social testing. The results aren’t really surprising.
Facebook would like you to spend to be seen and liked

So advertising your page and promoting your posts, seems like a good investment and the way to go doesn’t it, especially when you’re up against such stiff competition?

The results from my own tests concluded that if you want to increase the magic page like amount and this is your sole intention, on average you can expect 4000-5000 overall page likes for $5.00
But what happens afterwards?

Not a lot happened afterwards. I have run a few campaigns on Facebook for my page and hurrah there are more likes on the page. Yay!

But then nothing, no post likes, no comments and no new client inquiries,
So was it worth it?

Surely if you click to like a Facebook page, you like it don’t you? So unless I have something specific to advertise, I won’t be spending a penny just to increase page likes. It doesn’t make sense to my business.

Moving on to Twitter

Did you know you can buy new Twitter followers by the thousands?

In Google search results there will be loads of pages available to provide you with new Twitter followers. All you have to do is type in your Twitter handle, give them your credit card details and voila within 48 hours there will be a plethora of new followers.

Hurrah for new followers. You feel so popular for all of an hour or so.

Because these new followers are purely there to boost your numbers and will help make you look better to outsiders but they won’t interact, converse or become new clients. As the majority are egg-head Twitter bots. (As a note these companies do state this before you hand over your money), and again this makes no sense to my business so I’ll be keeping my pennies here too.
Do some investigating and look a little deeper..

If you feel that your social community isn’t big enough, you and your business are being judged because your peers have significantly more raving fans than you and the people you admire are seemingly oh-so popular online, take a closer look.

They may have thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook page likes, but not a lot else. The engagement, post likes and comments are often few and far between, so it may just give you a clue as to how they got so popular in the first place.

Taking your time to invest in building an organic community, with valuable content and conversation is the best investment you can make being a social business.

If the numbers were not the only priority to gauge social success and your strategy is to focus on who these people are within your social community it seems like a good and solid way forward to me. Especially as Facebook is making significant changes to page layouts, functionality and advertising methods regularly.


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