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Windows 8.1, 8.2 or should it be 9???

Windows 8.. TutFREAK

Windows 8, what can I say, it’s a terrible OS that needs ditching, Windows 9 here we come, maybe???

Can Microsoft sustain a one size fits all approach to Desktops, laptops, tablets & phones, absolutely not, it should diversify & cater for the needs of these different devices separately with modified flavours of Windows 9, It had been thought that 8.2 was being codenamed Threshold but sources within Redmond HQ suggest otherwise, now it is believed to be the moniker of Windows 9, which analysts close to the company suggest that it will come at some point in 2015..

In an ideal world having an OS that fits all is fantastic because it keeps costs down, is easy to update across the board & users who own more than one device find it easy to skip from one to the other with ease.

Windows 8 has been seen as a Failure, having produced two interfaces within a single OS that in both instances fail to reach anyone’s expectations, for users, Windows 8 was a jump too far, let me explain, ditching the Start button and going with the badly designed & damn right ugly Metro interface which was more suited to touch screens was a fatal error, it lacks true innovation, has totally alienated developers & too few Windows 7 users have migrated over to it, the name is tainted, Microsoft in trying to redefine it have made it a laughing stock, It’s market share is less than 10% and if Vista was said to of been a terrible mistake, then the fact that it had a higher adoption rate than Windows 8 in the early stages says much, call it Vista 2.0 possibly?

To be fair, the boys from Redmond needed to do something to reinvigorate it’s operating system in the face of a vastly diversifying marketplace, with Android & iOS taking the mobile market & Android & iOS Doing the same with the Tablet market, Microsoft doesn’t want to end up being a bit player, there is still a huge Windows user base accounting for well over 90% of the market but Microsoft needs them to buy into any new OS they release but that hasn’t happened with Windows 8, I think Windows 9 will be last chance saloon for Microsoft, get it right and all will be forgiven but get it wrong and that will be the final nail in the coffin..

It’s important then that Microsoft gets it right, they have fallen into a trap of trying to please everyone and creating a product that is ultimately not ideal for anyone, Windows 8.1 is messy & feels like it was designed by a diverse group, whereas Mac feels like it was designed by a single person with a knowledge of what people want which is also easy to implement (which Windows 8 is not)

To abandon Window 8.2 then, would seem to be a very sensible solution. It has been tainted & people don’t like it, it ls time to cut their losses & replace it with a fresh system that excites but doesn’t confuse everyone..

I think we need a traditional consumer version, an all bells and whistles version with all the touch screen & App’s thingy’s, a mobile version with an adaptation for tablets & a full enterprise edition to suit business. This will satisfy the desktop market which is Microsoft’s bread & butter, the people who want to keep things running in the manner they have become accustomed to, using a mouse & keyboard rather than a touch-screen. It should be compatible with x86 hardware. The advanced/touch-screen version will also satisfy those that have already taken the Windows 8 route by mixing traditional desktop App’s with Metro ones, it will be geared for more modern use & will still be compatible with ARM & x86, people who want to use their computers for advanced video & photo editing will be better served given the focus on touch-screen technology.
Company bosses & the tech guys who have to manage the systems will be happy with an Enterprise edition because hopefully it will offer a serious interface rather than something that invites frivolity, it will include features such as device management & group policy control.
The mobile version has a very hard job challenging Android & iOS because it is playing catch-up & is years behind, this is maybe an impossible task but with innovation & a good store it may gain a market share in the mobile section.

So in a nutshell Microsoft must make Windows 9 look & work better than Windows 7 which has almost 50% share of the market, it must entice those still using XP with maybe a cut-down free version that eventually leads them to upgrade & purchase the full version or upgrade their computer for said OS, it must encourage all it’s business users to the new OS with cheaper bulk licensing & a bug free OS that works great, as for the mobile market I think they have left that well to late, Android & iOS will continue their epic battle for world domination..


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  1. SheldonC on said:

    Windows 8 is a reincarnation of Vista, Microsoft should bring in 9 ASAP

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