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More Classic Games Online..

Atari.. TutFREAK

We at TutFREAK already give you access to 1000′s of flash games online via our little plugin on the sidebar to the right of this post but we have found a new site for you to head after you have finish reading our tuts, The Console Livingroom it’s called & once there you will realise what a cracking project we have led you to.
The site lets you play retro classics from a bygone era direct from your browser, yes, the Atari 2600, the Astrocade, the ColecoVision & the Atari 7800 ProSystem are all on offer including the likes of California games, Defender & Dune..
We confess to having had a few issues getting the browser-based emulator to work on a few titles, so there are a some teething problems that they need to iron out, also, no sound at the moment but that is promised in the near future, however, this is a superb project and one that we at TutFREAK are only too happy to spend some time with..


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