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Why is so much Panic around after Penguin 2.0 Update?


Google Penguin 2.0 update officially rolled out on May 22nd, 2013, already there has been a rumor about this update for the past few weeks, everyone (I mean everyone?) is really excited and some (a lot of) are really scared. At last, Google hits the panic button and boom, a huge algorithm update has been rolled out, which has impacted around 2.3% of English-US search queries (that’s huge!), let’s put how many have benefited a side and talk about how many have been hit and are suffering, the answer is, literally a lot (oh come on, stop blaming Google now), if you see any SEO blog or any other top SEO related website, everyone seem in panic mode. Quite a few people are saying that SEO is dead, look for social opportunities, it won’t work anymore etc…

This post will help everybody who are literally scared or affected by the new penguin 2.0 update, I want to explain a few of your doubts about the penguin 2.0. Let’s do it!

Google Penguin and Panda
Is SEO Dead?:

No, never. SEO is not dead but it becomes a little harder for spammers, now you will say that you are a genuine guy and you write quality content, you have quality backlinks but still you get affected, why? This means your quality content is really not up to scratch to beat the competitors, why don’t you visit the pages of those competitors and check why they are better than you, what quality links and content they have which you don’t. Most of the advertisers and webmasters don’t do that, instead they blame Google, yell in the forums and send wrong signals such as SEO is dead blah blah blah. Stop this nonsense, seriously!

SEO is not dead and never will be in the future, one should understand that SEO is an art of designing the web better and delivering what people want in a structured way.
Is Google Penguin Update Good or Bad?

Definitely it is a great improvement over all the previous updates, it has a significant impact on the search results, lot of websites have suffered the wrath of the penguin 2.0. Also there is a word on the internet that this update has only improved the traffic for big and established websites and the only victims are small websites. Now the question is how much it is true??

I am not saying that it is 100% good, but I can say that it does the things it is actually supposed to do. Taking down the spammers and ranking only genuine guys, this job is perfectly done by both Penguin and Panda updates.
How do we get our Rankings back?

Every webmaster who suffered the penalties will get one chance, but remember, don’t panic until you get a manual take down notice. If you have one already, then it is time to act fast and fix those mistakes, in a recent conference Google’s web spam team Head, Matt Cutts said that repeat offenders will be punished seriously. That mean no further chances, one mistake and one correction.

1 Clean your internal website mess, this may help Panda affected users. Clean unnecessary links and old pages from your website.
2 If you don’t know how to do link building then learn it from your competitors, you may ask why will teach you? They won’t but their website do. You can check their link profiles using some tools like Opensite Explorer.
3 Try to capture authority links, make sure each link is absolutely relevant to your website or niche.
4 Definitely an increasing importance of Google plus and other social signals indicates that you can recover from these type of effects with some good social signals and popularity.
5 As everyone is shouting about content, this should be your first priority of all. Write wonderful content in your pages, having one great content page doesn’t help. Try make each page a great source for information.
6 Authority forums are always your friends, participate healthy in forums and discussions and let the visitors know about your brand wherever it is possible.


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