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LinkedIn Introduces Polls for Groups

With an aim to drastically increase the conversation among its one million Groups, professional networks site – LinkedIn on Wednesday announced Polls, a new feature that’s designed to get a quick attention and increase conversation among group members.

Ian McCarthy, principal product manager at LinkedIn, wrote via the LinkedIn Blog that the feature came about after Group Moderators shared that they were looking for “easy, time-sensitive ways to generate conversations within the group.” Apparently, such conversations weren’t happening quickly enough after Moderators posted articles or blogged their thoughts. Polls was devised to get more conversation flowing.

Although McCarthy addresses Group Moderators in his post, anyone in a Group can create a poll (provided they have the privileges set by moderators).

The ability to poll on LinkedIn is not new. However, until now, such polls have been public rather than aimed at Groups. The enhancement is the latest for Groups, which has evolved from merely a badge with no real functionality to small communities within the site.

What do you think about the new feature? Write your comments.

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