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Having SSL Enabled Pages will Increase SEO Ranking?


This is obviously a very common question asked by a lot of webmasters, few people think that having a SSL enabled pages will increase their SEO rankings, will it?. Well, it is very easy topic to understand, Google or any other search engines decide their rankings based on web pages not based on HTTP or HTTPS or any other protocol. Then why does Google send notifications through webmaster tools about having a untrusted SSL certificate? It is quite simple, security. Yes, Google informs you about the SSL certificate errors, as they may result in any kind of website security issues, which eventually drops your website reputation and ultimately results in rankings.

However, there is no direct connection between website rankings and SSL certificate.

SSL Pages Increase rankings?:

No, it won’t help in increasing your search engine rankings, But helps in creating a trust in customer’s mind. That means you can increase your conversions rate not rankings rate.
What is the use of the SSL certificate?:

SSL certificates encrypts your data from customers browser to the web server, so no one can capture it during the information transfer. This will help for the e-commerce websites, as customers will certainly look for SSL enabled sign up pages, so their information will be secure. It will help like a trust factor.

There are so many SSL providers out there, who provides various cheap SSL certificates. Also, there are a different type of SSL certificates, you can choose from various options, however the encryption strength of the all SSL certificates will remain the same.

So, ultimately SSL is for the security of your website not for SEO rankings.


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