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Flappy Bird???


Has anyone else been playing this frustrating but additive game, it’s so simple but surprisingly hard.
I have heard it brings the worst out of people, some smashing their devices in sheer frustration..
In the TutFREAK household it is on 3 Samsung Galaxy S3′s, 2 iPhone 5′s, 1 iPad 2, 1 iPad 3 & 2 KindleFire’s lol, anyone beat that haha! My 10-year-old daughter has a top score of 63, so far mine is 9 lol

Here is a review online that made me chuckle:

My life is in total ruin. I am behind on my schoolwork, my social life is in tatters and I think I am going slowly insane. I used up 100% of my charge trying to beat my score of FOURTEEN. My sanity is being chipped away bit by bit, my brain slowly being turned to mush. All I can hear is the tap-tap tap BLING tap smack whoosh whoosh whoosh tap tap tap tap BLING tap tap BLING tap smack whoosh. Yet I can’t stop. When I’m not playing it, it feels like I’m withdrawing from a life saving drug. I get the shakes and my hand keeps trying to pick up my IPod. Why do I deserve this torture? What did I ever freaking do to deserve this? I literally don’t understand how you people sleep at night, knowing that you have caused people this pain and terror. You should be ashamed. I feel really bad for all the poor people who have heard about this game and are downloading it right now. They have entered themselves into this sick game of eternal agony. And why does Flappy have to have support when he is flying? Why can’t he just fly like a normal bird? He has problems. Seriously. And so do you. Anyway, thanks for programming this awesome game! It is so fun and amazing! It is not annoying or life consuming at all! Yeah! Happy fun time! Thank you for what you have given to humanity – a lifetime of pain and suffering and unending torture! Goodbye!





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