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Use your Mobile/Cell Phone as a Computer Mouse..


mobile mouse

Yes, you read this right, you can use an Android or Apple phone as a mouse for your computer. This is done via an App called Mobile Mouse which can be obtained via Google Play & the App Store. It works in Windows, iOS and Linux so it covers all the bases.

For it to work you need to install some software on your computer and assign security password and change pointer settings. These will activate when the said computer is fired up. As long as the App is installed on your Mobile/Cell you will be able to locate your computer and operate it via your phone.

Mobile Mouse has keyboard shortcuts and apps can be mapped to hotkeys and gestures. Where this really comes into own is when you use it as a trackpad which some people prefer to a mouse. The whole screen can be used this way.
the App can also be used as a keyboard which makes it easier to launch a media player or browse the web..


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