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10 Business Blogging Secrets Of Online Success..


10 Business Blogging Secrets Of Online Success

You may be a small business owner, or even someone who is just starting out online. Just because you’re small, however, doesn’t mean that you have to blog small.

One of the many great and wonderful things about the Internet, is that it creates a level playing field for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Even if you are running your online business from your bedroom or the kitchen table, therefore, you can still publish content online in a big way, and blog like a pro.

Below are 10 business blogging secrets that all successful business bloggers should understand and follow:

1 – Write Big Bold Headlines

Successful media publications like newspapers and magazines use big, bold headlines that grab the reader’s attentions. Therefore, write big headlines just like the magazines and newspapers use.

If you are trying to build a business in a particular industry, Have a look at your favorite industry-related magazine or publication and study their headlines.

Are the headlines compelling? Do they immediately grab your attention? Do they want to make you continue reading through to the rest of the article? If so, study these headlines and learn from them. Try to create titles that are structured in a similar way, that will hopefully connect emotionally with your readers and make them want to engage with the rest of your content.

Think big and you will be big. The title of your blog post is where you first make contact with your readers and site visitors. Make a bold claim in your headline, and then have the confidence and expertise to back it up in the body of your article.

2 – Write Like You’re Having A One-On-One Conversation With A Friend

Who is your ideal business blog reader? What is their typical profile in terms of demographics, needs, professional or personal status, passions or interests?

Figure out who your ideal reader is as a group, then try to imagine this group as being “one” real person.

Once you can picture your ideal target audience as a real person, turn that person into a friend.

We don’t do business with our enemies, so write all of your posts just like you would write them if you were having a one-on-one conversation with a good friend. A friend who is interested in learning more about what you do, and knowing why you have chosen to do what you do.

A friend who shares a similar passion and interest for the things that you care about, and who wants to get more benefits and better results from doing the same thing that you happen to sell or promote.

A friend who wants great tips, better training and access to great information about the topic you both share an interest in, or a passion for.

Have you got that picture yet?

Great … now all you have to do is write to your friend about your business. As you write, remember to keep your tone conversational, warm and honest, make your paragraphs and sentences short and to the point, and ask for feedback, comments and suggestions.

Do this and you will find that more and more people will immediately begin to like and trust you more.

3 – Share Your Content Everywhere

Don’t just post content on your blog, share it on as many sites, online properties, rss directories and social networks as you can. The good news is that a WordPress site lets you automate all of this content sharing using plugins and some expert configuration steps, so choose WordPress to power your business blog if you’re not using WordPress yet.

You want your content (and snippets of your content with links pointing back to your site) to appear everywhere. Cast your net as wide as you possibly can on the net. Promote your RSS feed by asking visitors to subscribe and add your feed on their sites.

Don’t hold back on giving away precious nuggets of knowledge and information with your content. Visitors will keep returning to your site and tell others if you continually provide your blog readers with information that offers real value and that is truly helpful.

4 – Make It Easy For Readers To Share Your Content

By now, you must be aware of just how important it is to have a social presence. The more that your site is being discussed and shared around on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others, the more exposure your site will get.

Encourage your readers and visitors to share your content with their network of friends, acquaintances and professional circles, and make it easy for them to do this. Place Facebook “Like” and “Share” buttons, Twitter “Tweet This” buttons, Pinterest “Pin it” icons, LinkedIn and GooglePlus buttons, email sharing, social bookmarking, etc. on your posts and pages.

If you use WordPress, adding social sharing buttons to your site is quite simple. There are a number of great WordPress plugins that you can install to add social buttons on your site. To learn more about these plugins, just do a search online for “social sharing WordPress plugin “

Set one of your business blogging goals to get as many people who visit your site to share your content online. You can do this by writing really great content that people will naturally want to share, asking people to “like” and share your posts at the end of your articles, and offering incentives through methods such as “content locking” (where visitors have to click on a social sharing button to unlock valuable content such as the rest of the post, a download link, etc.).

5 – Use Different Media To Present Content

Don’t limit your content to only using text on your posts. It’s so easy to add images, and embed videos and audio to your blog content.

If you use WordPress, for example, you can easily:

Embed a video from YouTube
Embed a slide presentation from Slideshare
Embed a webinar from Google Hangouts

Using different media formats can make your content more appealing and your site more engaging to your readers.

6 – Use Images To Enhance Your Message

Using images on your blog posts can help grab your visitors’ attention, generate traffic, convey your message more effectively, and make your site content stand out.

You should try to add at least one topic-related image for every blog post you write. There are many sites and online resources that allow you to download images for free or for a small fee. We provide a comprehensive list of free and royalty-free image sites in our training tutorials. Alternatively, check out the resource below:

Another thing you can do, is to create your own image (for example, a “meme”, an infographic, or images of your own products). You can then share your images on Pinterest to drive more visitors to your sites.

7 – Link To Related Blogs

It’s important to remember that blogging is social media. One of the great advantages of building a business blog is that you can build an online network with other like-minded business bloggers.

Introduce yourself to other bloggers and site owners and leave positive, thoughtful comments on their blogs whenever you come across posts related to your own area of interest or expertise. Linking to other business blogs can lead to reciprocal linking arrangements. This is great for both your business and for your visitors, especially if you link to complementary sites.

Also, remember to visit those sites now and then to read what they’re blogging about and to find inspiration for new content ideas for your own blog.

8 – Encourage Comments And Feedback

Allowing visitors to interact with your site and leave comments on your blogs leads to more engaged readers and more opportunities for user feedback about your products and services.

You can encourage visitors to leave comments by asking questions at the end of your posts like “Have you experienced something similar to this? If so, please share“, or even just asking readers what they think of your post, whether they agree or disagree with the point of your article, or asking them if they know any other similar solutions or methods as the one(s) you have just described.

If you own a WordPress-powered web site or blog, you can install a WordPress plugin called Commentluv. When someone comments on your blog, this plugin displays the latest blog post they have added to their own website. This encourages more people to comment on your site, resulting in more visitors for you.

9 – Measure, Test And Analyze Everything

One of the most important things you can do when growing an online presence, is to continually test, measure and analyze your results. This is the step that separates amateur and hobby bloggers from the pros.

Make a habit of regularly reviewing your blog’s analytics and statistical log records. This will help you better understand what is and isn’t working on your site and provide you with the actual data and information you need to make intelligent and informed decisions.

Track and measure your advertising campaigns and marketing promotions to see which promotions make you money, and discard advertising methods that are clearly costing you money. This can mean the difference between a site that makes you money, and a site that loses you money.

Look at your site’s sources of traffic, visitor behavior, bounce rate, and which pages get the most readership in your site. This will show you which aspects of your site or marketing strategy need improvement and will also help you focus on creating better content and getting better results.

Finally, remember to monitor your site’s comments, clicks, conversions and sign-ups.

10 – Make Your Blog The Voice Of Your Business

Treat your business blog seriously and make it an important part of your business, and you may soon find most of your leads, sales and customer interactions coming from your blog.

Get into a regular routine of blogging about your business and set aside a specific time each month to perform a complete blog maintenance routine.

Take your blog seriously and your readers will too. Make it the voice of your business and you will soon find many more prospective customer listening to your message.

Well … there you have it! Apply these 10 business blogging secrets and you will soon start noticing a significant increase in your blog readership, as well as better results and greater success online.


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