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How to install Data Life Engine on a localhost

According to the definition provided on the official website of DataLife Engine Content Management System (in abbreviated form – DLE-CMS), DLE is a multi-user news content management system intended for organization of own mass-media and blogs on the Internet. As other popular CMS, DLE is written in PHP and uses MySQL as DBMS. DLE CMS has powerful system of news publication, adjustment and editing, is not resource demanding and permits easy work with highly visited projects.

Today, I am going to teach you How to install Data Life Engine on a localhost

Let us do a checklist of the things you would require for the inatallation. Make sure you keep all these ready before trying to install DLE.

  • Apache Web Server
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • phpMyAdmin
  • DataLife Engine Setup Files

You can Download XAMPP from here:

You can Download DLE from here:

First download and install XAMPP, when you do that open XAMPP and click on MySql Admin button as shown below:

install dle

Now in phpMyAdmin click on Databases and creat new database, name it for example “dle” and select encoding (utf-8_general_ci):

datalife engine tutorials

Ok, we now have the database ready, what we just we need is to create database user. To create a database user – click on your database name in menu on the left side and then go to Privileges and click on Add a new User.

To create database user, fill in all fields marked in yellow below:

User name: your desired user name
Host: localhost
Password: your desired password (make sure it is strong)
Retype: retype password

In “Database for user” check: Grant all privileges on database “dle”

Give to this user all global privileges – Data, Structure, Administration and then click on “Create User”

Click to see screenshots for above instructions

Now paste all DLE files to C:\xampp\htdocs next go to http://localhost/install.php and start DLE installation. Thats it!

Congratulations on your new DLE Installation :)

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