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***SECURITY ALERT***: Spy App..


A new App called mSpy maybe recording your calls, texts, emails & movements warns security firm Sophos. It’s marketed as a handy monitoring tool but mSpy can be installed & run in secret on someone’s phone, letting the user invade the victim’s privacy without being detected. Sophos recommends running thorough security scans to ensure it’s not on your device, visions of 1984 or the NSA if you ask me!


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2 Comments on “***SECURITY ALERT***: Spy App..

  1. I think this is a breach of security & privacy on a major scale, I would never use anything as intrusive on my staff or family, I could envisage many jealous husbands & wives jumping on the bandwagon, whether we like it or not this will become a big seller due to human nature, whether it breaks privacy laws is up to the laws that be.

  2. Very intrusive & totally against Privacy rights when used dubiously, great for private eyes, snoopers, newspaper journalists & the Government, one of the big software companies will already be in the market to buy them out..

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