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How To SEO Your Post Images

Did you know that the images you upload to make your blog posts look beautiful and descriptive are a very useful SEO Tool in itself! Surprised?

Ever wondered how to SEO your site’s images to show up on top of Google Image Search?

Read on to learn How to Optimize your Images for better SEO

First of all, you will have to stop using image hosts! Yes, you will have to upload images to your own server for a better overall SEO.

For example – a website that talks about sports equipments, gets reasonable amount of visitors from those who search for table tennis or snooker, etc. It is a very good idea to promote your products through those pictures as well.

Also, the competition in this field (image search SEO) is average, so your site can rank on top very easily.

Bots, that are indexing web-pages don’t see like we humans do. It means, that they can’t look at picture and tell there’s a table with net which is table tennis. Only we humans can do that. For bots we must use image optimizing techniques. Below are some of the most important techniques:

  • The most important part of this optimization is picture’s ALT (alternate text) attribute. If there is iPod on the picture then you should add “iPod” to ALT attribute, as shown below:
    <img src="name-and-location-of-picture.jpg" alt="iPod" title="iPod"/>
  • Also, as you can see in the example above, put the same keyword to the title attribute (it shows up when user moves cursor on top of picture).
  • Name your image file with an appopriate name. If the image contains apple tree, make sure your image file name is apple-tree.jpg
  • Use same keywords around the picture that you’re optimizing for. Context is very important. For example: My apple tree is the best apple tree
    <img src="apple-tree.jpg" alt="apple tree" title="apple tree"/>
  • Web-page title
    (<title> tag)

    counts. Your page title has impact on your picture. If you google “planet” some results may come up just because they have “planet” in title tag.

  • Put your pictures at the beginning of the web-page. The closer the pictures are to title, the more impact it has. Google thinks that pictures at the beginning are more important.
  • The higher the quality of pictures, the better. As people like and appreciate high quality images
  • Link to picture with an appropriate keyword. If there’s dog on the picture then don’t put “click here” as anchor text, instead put “dog” as the anchor text.
  • Avoid using javascript techniques like lightbox for opening, showing or serving bigger version of pictures.

That is it for the day! Go ahead and optimize your images to enjoy better traffic from Google (both web and image search).

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  1. Thanks for posting about image SEO. I have a coloring page site, which is all about the images. I name my images with descriptive language, title them and use an alt tag. I read somewhere that adding citations to the images also help, so I started doing that. I’ve never heard that I should put images at the top of the page before. I think I’ll move some text around now. Anyway, I appreciate the information. Thanks again. :)

    • Welcome Sheila :)

      I just took a quick-look at your site and i see that the SEO is not upto the mark. You could do with adding more keywords.

      Let me know if you need help – i will gladly help you out.



    so i post the pics like that in my site
    so where to add ALT thing please

    will you explain me in easy words


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